Horse Heaven

Rancho Khasan Proposal

For Adoption of all confined BLM mustangs Save our national Mustangs from BLM Dog Food!

On the eastern Pacific Rim lies the Russian Far East extending from Korea and Sea of Japan north to the Aleutian Islands and the Bering Straight of Alaska. Mustangs can easily adapt to this country with summer monsoons and plenty of dry grass through the winter.

Welcome to Horse Heaven, the elegant solution to the tempest about Mustangs in the American West.

This paper is primarily for the initiated, however, Congressmen and their tax paying constituents can read and and for a general description of today’s state of the wild horse ‘problem’.

OOO Rancho Khasan is a Russian-American company of  international cowboys who have a solution to overpopulation of 45,000 captured and impounded mustangs kept at the expense of $49 million to the annual Federal budget. In 2011:

Solution? BLM has the remaining budget to repatriate all 45,000 captive mustangs to Horse Heaven in stock bereft Russia that is eager to invite the horse “plague” where they are wanted and needed. Transcontinental adoption, with freight offset, meets Trump Administration goals to cut Wild Horse and Burro budget through removal of healthy young inventoried horses.

Do Alternatives to Slaughter Exist?

In spite of DOI, BLM, Ben Masters, Advisory Board and other’s denial that simple, low or no cost alternatives to slaughter readily exist, Rancho Khasan provides witness that they have known about the Horse Heaven Solution before the Trump Budget cuts effecting 1971 mandated BLM responsibility.

Vickery Eckhoff’s Pitchfork article suggests that the wild horse ecological problem is not one of overpopulation, but of overconcentration. The history of the wild horse in WA State is a case in point. However, legislation prohibits expanded and/or new HMA’s. Rancho Khasan, however, offers unlimited habitat expansion to new ‘HMA’ by shipping across the Pacific, a repatriation to ancestral Asian habitat.
Read our original proposal and correspondence with BLM Chief Dean Bolstad and his staff, citizen’s Horse Advisory Board including Ben Masters and mustang NGO’s in attached Communications paper.
See our updated proposal; why Horse Heaven solution should be supported.

Avoided Cost Alternatives

There is still a window to save the horses from slaughter within the present budget and other resources.  $11 million is enough to pay transport for 20,000 mares; leaving a fraction of the estimated $24 million 2017 balance to pay resettlement costs for keeping the 20-50,000 horses in lush pasture; forever.  Financial analysis?  Inventoried horses can cease to be a BLM liability, leaving zero future cost.  Horse Heaven solution will avoid the inevitable litigation costs of slaughter campaign, staging auctions, artificial glut on the meat markets, consumer fraud with ersatz beef. All costs and public angst can be avoided by simple live export. After inland freight, vet checks, quarantine and paying for delivery, the BLM has zero ongoing cost.  The horses cannot swim home, nor would they want to.
Patented land and forty nine year leases are assets of Rancho Khasan Horse Heaven project in Siberia and Far East of Russia; part of the original evolutionary habitat of horses.  The grazing can be expanded at will with short notice from South tip of Khasan north to Yakutsk over some years natural dispersal.  (See pg. 4 for more) The lush unused pastures and endangered predators beckon wildly.  International understanding is a benefit.   Carbon sequestration benefits. Congressional bipartisan cooperation for an elegant solution to public controversy and anti-government sentiment is disarmingly logical. The mustangs and all parties are the winners.

Horse people, do not despair, Rancho Khasan will abide by 1971 Wild Horse and Burro rules of horse care and life preservation to high or higher degree than since 1971.

Yakut horses

BLM and USFS Contract Terms with OOO Rancho Khasan

Rancho Khasan is encouraged and willing to comply with all the present requirements of US Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971 as put into practice by US BLM for contract pasture providers; specifically prohibition-of-slaughter provisions and humane care.

Specific elements:

1. BLM allows adoption and pays for Ranhco Khasan’s delivery cost of 20,000 fertile, all age, mares FOB, Port of Zerubino, CI&F, Khansanskii Raion, RF by ship.  Rancho Khasan shall keep project cost to a DOI Budget Impact of None by utilizing one year’s avoided cost line item 2017budget fraction estimated at $11.2million sufficient for sea transport by ship and $185/head first year Asian resettlement cost. See: Financial Discussion below.
2. Rancho Khasan, as agency independent of DOI, shall be responsible for loading and transport of animals that are delivered FOB port of origin, Portland, OR, post quarantine, ready to load.  Rancho incurs all costs ex West Pacific dock of receipt, including receiving, Russian Customs, inland transportation, quarantine, feed, long term supplemental care.
3. Branded sound healthy horses to be selected to minimum branded unsterilized mares 80% (first shipments) and with preliminary quarantine as normally required of both domestic adoptions and USDA export livestock with vet checks and records.  We reserve the right to turn back (select out) up to 5% of individual horses at final loading point for health, conformation and genetics criteria.
4. Should BLM elect, Rancho Khasan agrees to accept and ship healthy, sound geldings on the same basic terms as mares, but with $195 Asia initial settlement fees.
5. Rancho Khasan anticipates its ability to acquire land and facilities adequate for care of 45,000 horses within two years.  BLM shall deliver the entire number on a schedule as determined by both parties.
6. OOO Rancho Khasan is uniquely qualified to deal with the multiple Russian Administrations and famous bureaucracy, permitting, land acquisition, and Asian management that is a possibility to include opposite border Heilongjiang and Jilin Provinces of China.  We have trilingual diploma staff; English, Russian and Mandarin.  We shall endeavor to open source negotiation and monitoring on cost shared basis with the multitude of wild horse and animal rights NGO’s.
7. We avail ourselves to negotiate from neutral perspective, if not satisfaction to all interested public and private parties to mollify even the most Bundy extremes of both sides of the controversy.   Public relations is our express focus, in and out of contractual obligations.  We are open and invite all interested people, including BLM inspectors, ecologists, cattlemen to our county horse range and future eco-tourist facility for future inspection of our operation and horses.  Our first phase range and base just 1 1/2 hours from International Airport of Vladivostok.  
8. Shipping: Australia and New Zealand enjoy big exports of livestock to MidEastern and North African countries who eat Halal live slaughtered & prepared meat (much like Kosher for Jewish.) Exporters use custom livestock transport ships capable of shipping as many as 22,000 cattle in one load. Small ships set up for humane livestock shipping are extremely difficult to find. Cost estimate is $450/horse with feed and care, port to port.

Financial Discussion

Prior to the recent budget cuts a fraction of the one year $49 million budget would have painlessly paid for the Horse Heaven project without continuing cost to US taxpayers.
So, how to proceed in this uncertain time? We suggest three sources of funding:
1. Residual budget BLM Wild Horse budget appropriations through October of 2018.
2. Powers of Duty of Secretary, 1 US Code 1333 (e)(3)(B) “

(3)DISPOSITION OF FUNDS GENERATED from the sale of excess animals under this subsection shall be—
credited as an offsetting collection to the Management of Lands and Resources appropriation for the Bureau of Land Management; and
used for the costs relating to the adoption of wild free-roaming horses and burros, including the costs of marketing such adoption.”
The Secretary shall direct money from sale of old culled horses to pay cost of keeping the younger than 10 year horses alive.
3. New Congressional appropriations.
The same Congressmen of both parties who overwhelmingly voted to expand the new record military budget can find it in their hearts to spare a pittance for our heritage mustangs and give them a new home.

What you can do?

Speak directly with your US Representative office for your District, engage their staff people; ask your Congressman to cosponsor the Congressional appropriation’s Wild Horse amendment. The same Congressmen of both parties who voted to expand the record military budget can find it in their hearts to spare our heritage mustangs and give them a new home. Ask your Representative to co-sponsor our new appropriations Bill.

Don’t let the blood of 80,000 wild horses wash the streets of Washington.  Horse Heaven is the alternative to polluting the Swamp!

Download Word Doc version of proposal here.